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Bread Production: How to make Nigerian bread

Nigerian bread

Bread is a staple food eaten in almost every home. Both old and young eat it. According to Statista, the value of the Nigerian baked goods market amounted to about 185.5 million Naira in 2016, 189.2 million Naira in 2017, 193 million Naira in 2018, and presently worth 196.9 million Naira in 2019. It is forecasted to reach 203 million Nigerian Naira by 2021.


There are different types of bread, based on the shape and ingredients used in making it. According to the shape we have Bread rolls, Round bread, Tabletop bread, and so on. According to the content we have: coconut, banana and carrot bread, chocolate bread, peanut bread, and so on..


Pieces of equipment used in production are: Weighing scale, mixer, dough cutter, dough molder/rounder, baking pans, proffers/fermentation box, slicer, oven, racks. Note: some equipment may not be needed depending on the volume you are producing.


Wheat flour (Strong flour)                                    1kg

Yeast                                                                            10g

Fat                                                                                50g

Salt                                                                               10g

Sugar                                                                           100g

Water                                                                          500ml

Note that the quantity of each ingredient depends on the quantity of the flour to use.


Weighing of ingredients: Weigh all ingredients according to the recipe

Mixing of ingredients (mixing for 11 mins): Mix dry ingredients together for 3 mins, add water and mix for 8 mins.

Cutting: Cut the dough into smaller portion

Moulding: Mould dough into shape

Greasing of pans: Grease the baking pans with fat.

Panning: Place the moulded dough into the pan

Dough fermentation (2hrs): Place the panned dough in a proffer to proof.

Baking: Placed the proofed dough in the oven to bake @ 180 centigrade for 25 mins

De-panning: Remove the bread from the baked pan

Cooling: cool

Slicing: Slice

Packaging: wrap and label


Other baked goods that can be produced with wheat flour are Doughnuts, puff-puff, meat-pies, sausages, cupcakes e.t.c

The bakery business is a profitable business and a source of income for many. it is a business you can start from the comfort of your home and still make money. let’s help you start a profitable bakery business today.

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Starting a profitable bakery business

The following topics will be discussed extensively during the course.

  • Introduction to baking
  • Equipment required and its function
  • Ingredients and functions
  • Unit operations
  • Recipe formulation: develop your distinct recipe formulation
  • Product development
  • Practical videos of how to make:
  • White, french, whole wheat bread
  • Doughnut
  • Puff-puff
  • Meat-pie
  • Sausage roll
  • Cup-cake
  • Quality control: ensuring the quality of your products
  • Food safety
  • Standard operating procedure
  • Pricing: How to determine the right price
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