Food innovation summit

12th & 13th January 2024

• virtual

The Food Innovation Summit will be a flagship annual gathering of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts in Africa’s food processing industry. This summit will serve as a platform for sharing innovative ideas, forging partnerships, and discovering cutting-edge solutions to entrepreneurs in the food space

12th & 13th January 2024

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12th & 13th January 2024

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  • Welcome everyone - I’m a high-profile event MC, career coach and book publisher, and I’ll be your host for today.
  • Welcome everyone (type what part of the world you are joining from) 
  • Go over house-keeping announcement
    • Foodpreneurs Hub. Inc. - Summit convener/organizer 
    • We have a line of highly engaging events
    • First, we start with a 50-min. workshop
    • There’s a networking session after the workshop, in your breakout rooms (15 mins.)
    • Each group should designate a volunteer to share key highlights when we regroup 
  • MC Introduces the facilitators and reads their bio. 


11:10 - Noon  (Workshop engagement; 3 rooms)


Food Regulations in Africa: Mrs, Jane Omojokun (Female)

All you need to know about the regulations in the food industry space.


Food Product Marketing in the Digital Age: Mrs, Ayeni-Wuraola Ogungbola (Female). How to use technology to market your food business and products.


Quality and Sustainable Practices in the Food Industry: Mr. Osagie Iboi (Male)

Quality and sustainable programs to put in place when starting a food company


Noon - 12:15 (Networking session; in the 3 rooms; participants stay in rooms)



12:15 - 12:30 Business Launch Program 

  • Invite reps to share highlights 
  • CEO (Foodpreneurs Hub Inc.) to talk about the Food Processing Business Launch Program (5 mins.)
    • CEO Sola talks about opportunity
    • MC - Free 3-page website development & 1 year maintenance - Veenode Technologies (business partner) - yesterday & today
    • Free coaching sessions for select food producing or processing SMEs - Nugata Consults (business partner) - today  MADAM JANE and her team


12:30 - 1:30 p.m. Keynote Lecture 

  • Lecture 3 (Final in the 3-part lecture series): Innovation for Food SecurityDr. Tony Bello. (Male).
  • Guest intro - read bio & thank him (invite audience to give e-applause)
  • Invite guest

(MC: Encourage participants to ask questions. The first 3 people who ask questions get an ebook from Mark Peterson (Founder and CEO of the Techstars and Google-backed startup Ziscuit, Inc.) titled Guerrillapreneur. 


1:30 - 1:40 p.m. Break 

Take a quick bathroom break, drink water, stretch, etc. 

Fill short survey - collaborate with Foodpreneurs Hub. Inc.

Reminder: register for the Food Processing Business Launch Program (ask CEO Yosola to drop link)


1:40 - 1:50 p.m. 

Introduce and welcome panelists

Invite participants to drop questions in the chat. 


1:50 PM to 2:40 PM Panel Discussion: 

Chilufya Chileshe, Chief of Staff at the SDG2 Advocacy Hub (Only read her bio)

  • Question: Please enlighten us on the SDG2 advocacy hub and its activities.
  • Do you think the SDG 2 goal (zero hunger) is achievable by 2030? What actions can be taken to make this achievable? 

I’ll call you to address that question. Thanks 


  1. Osagie Iboi, safety quality professional with over 10 years of experience with Friseland Campina and Coca Cola.
  • Question: Based on your years of work experience in the food industry, what advice do you have for:
  •  People interested in getting jobs in the food industry and people in the industry who desire career growth. 

I’ll call you to address that question. Thanks 



  1. Toba Best, Career Coach/Founder Standout Professionals (UK)
  • Question: As a career coach what advice do you have for Food professionals working in the food industry to be successful?
  • From your experience how can they balance their career and their entrepreneurial pursuit? 

I’ll call you to address that question. Thanks 


  1. Ayeni-Wuraola, Founder of Iyl Foods
  • Question: What is the role of food entrepreneurs and private businesses in ensuring food security?
  • What top 3 things should someone interested in starting a food processing business in 2024 consider?


  1. Jane Omojokun, Founder of Nugata Consults Limited.
  • What are some regulatory pitfalls a food entrepreneur should avoid?
  • What opportunities are there for food entrepreneurs who’d like to dedicate their career to helping to strengthen the food regulatory framework in Africa? Or is this an exclusive prerogative of the government? 



  • Closing Remarks: Yosola
  • Thank panelists
  • Thank folks for staying on
  • Encourage participants to register for the Food Business Launch 
  • Encourage participants to fill out the online survey, and collaboration form 
    • Inform people who would receive the ebooks to make sure to leave a review on Amazon after reading the ebook.


Ndidi Nwuneli

Founder, LEAP Africa and Africa Food Change-makers.


Founder and CEO, Ziscuit Inc.


Managing Director and Lead Consultant, Nugata Consults Limited


founder, IYL Foods and Confectionery

Dr. Tony Bello

Chairman, Shine Bridge Global InC.


Chief of Staff, the SDG2 Advocacy GROUP