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Popoola Nissi Toluwashe is the Founder of Pishon cakes which is an arm of Pishon@eden.She is a graduate of food science and nutrition from the Federal University of Technology Minna. She is Married with children.

Meet Nissi Toluwashe Popoola

I am Popoola Nissi Toluwashe owner of Pishon cakes which is an arm of Pishon@eden. I am a graduate of food science and nutrition from the Federal University of Technology Minna. I am married with kids by the grace of God. I love baking, cooking, and adventure.

My business name is Pishon cakes located at plot K2 nurses estate Karu Abuja. You can follow us on Instagram @pishoncakesnchops and on Fb @pishoncakes.

Pishon cakes like I said is an arm of Pishon @ Eden which is an event planning and coordinating organization. We offer complete organization and coordination of event tailored to fulfill our clients’ wishes. Our services include event planning, cakes, catering, small chops, make covers, venue decoration, and wedding gown rentals.

Briefly describe your entrepreneur journey so far

My interest in baking started in my teenage years. I remember baking cakes for family and friends. I got into cake business partially (partially because I was running my degree programme at the same time ) in my year one, when I discovered I needed a means of additional pocket money. I started by baking cakes and supplying snacks to schools and shops. I enjoyed what I was doing. I remember how I use to wake up at midnight to peel potatoes for meat pie in preparation for the day’s supply. With the help of God, the business today has grown to what it is now and has birthed others.

What are the major challenges you face and how did you overcome them?

Sincerely after school one of the major challenges I faced was getting people to trust my ability. I had to think of what to do to make new customers and also maintain the old ones. So I gave out cakes for free. I served pastries for free not forgetting to tell whosoever cares to listen that I made them. I always have my fliers around me in my bag, tab jacket, car etc. When I see a prospective customer I tell them about what I do. I still do that till now and its working. Thanks to social media too.

 How did you manage to keep up with the changes in your industry?

I spend a lot of time to check trending designs online. I go online to get video tutorials on how best to achieve the desired design I am not familiar with. Creativity is important else you lose balance.
There is no such thing as I know it all. I study cake related materials a lot, attend workshops, and surf the web to know what’s new from time to time.


Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I see PISHON cakes grown into a one-stop shop for cakes and pastries where people can walk in and pick freshly baked goods out in few minutes. I see it impacting lives, creating job opportunities and empowering the youths.

How do you create a balance between family and business?

Thank God for the supportive family I have. God gave me the most amazing husband who is unimaginably interested in the success of the business. We have a common goal and that makes it easier. My kids too understand that Mummy can be very busy. Above all, we do it all together having fun.

What advice do you have for aspiring food entrepreneurs?

My advice to aspiring food entrepreneurs is to identify your passion, pursue your dreams. It may not look like it in the beginning, but slow and steady with hard work and determination you will get there.

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